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Best time to visit Indonesia?

The climate of Indonesia is unlike other Asian countries. Most of the islands have an equatorial climate. Indonesia is characterized by two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season, however, this varies on each of the 17,000 islands, which means you can travel to Indonesia almost all the year-round! Indonesia has a consistently warm, tropical climate with an average temperature of 86°F.

Throughout the year, you can expect some showers, however, these are often followed with bright sunshine during the dry season. In the months after the monsoon (April to June), the humidity is particularly low, and both temperatures and humidity rise from July onward. If you do not mind high humidity, then it is fine to travel during the rainy season in Indonesia. Usually, it does not rain all day – you can generally expect around five hours of sunshine each day, although this may be less within the highlands and volcano ascents.

Best Time to Visit Indonesia by Season

  • Dry season:April to October
  • Rainy season:November to March – This is true for Central and East Java, the Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali, Lombok, Gili islands, Komodo, Flores, Timor), the Aru Islands, and South Sulawesi

What to Pack for Indonesia

You can expect uniformly warm weather in most parts of Indonesia. Therefore, it is advisable to carry lightweight summer clothing, e.g. cotton. Wear long-sleeved tops and shirts, shades and a hat. to protect yourself from the sun during your tours. During the monsoons, it is best to carry a rain jacket or umbrella.

As a rule of thumb, visitors should know many Southeast Asians are conservative in their clothing. Western clothing is acceptable and is worn by many, but in modest fashion. While visiting shrines and religious places, visitors are recommended not to wear shorts, mini-skirts, vests, tanks, etc. Your knees and shoulders must be covered. Please avoid clothing with images of Buddha, as this is considered highly disrespectful.

The best footwear includes sandals, flip-flops and comfy walking shoes that can be taken off easily. Although it is acceptable to wear shoes when walking in the compound of the temple, you would be required to take them off before you enter the chapel where the main Buddha image is placed, as well as in pagodas and people’s homes.