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Frequently Asked Questions (Covid-19 FAQ)

COVID-19 and Travel

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our updated policies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The landscape is shifting rapidly as countries worldwide slowly lift travel bans and resume international travel, so we determine the specific postponement and cancellation policy for your trip based on your home country and your destination.

On this page, we have addressed the most frequently asked questions from our guests about traveling and booking a trip at this time. Of course, if you have any specific questions about your trip, wish to enquire about a future vacation, or share your feedback, you can always get in touch with us anytime you want.

For any other questions related to traveling with us, please refer to our general FAQs page

My trip is scheduled to start within the next 60 days. What are my options?

Your travel consultant or trip coordinator should have already contacted you to discuss your options if your trip starts within the next 60 days. 

Your safety and well-being are our topmost priority. We offer you personalized travel advice depending on your destination and travel dates. For this, we rely on trusted travel advisories issued by the US Department of State, WHO, and our partners on the ground who share the most up-to-date information and insights. 

If travel to your destination is not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can rebook your trip for free from 60 days prior to your departure under our 60 Day COVID-19 Protection Guarantee. Please note, only guests whose booking file is in good standing with the balance payment made, can qualify for this benefit.

You have the option to postpone your trip anytime after 60 days, by paying the difference in cost for any seasonal or routing changes. Please note that in case of postponements, there may be additional charges due to factors such as availability. We also offer you the option of a travel credit voucher valid for two years so you can choose your destination of travel and date in the future.

I have booked a future trip with you but wish to cancel or postpone. What are my options?

Your travel consultant or trip coordinator will reach out to you 60 days before your date of departure to discuss the options that are available to you. If travel is not possible due to COVID-related travel restrictions, under the terms of our 60 Day COVID-19 Protection Guarantee you will be eligible for a postponement free of charge, as long as your booking file is in good standing with the balance payment made.

I want to book a trip but I am concerned about changes that may impact my travel. What are my options?  

Book your next journey after 60 days, and enjoy our Carefree Guarantee! You can rebook your trip free of charge up to 30 days before departure and we’ll honor the original price of your trip. Please note the original trip price will be honored for one rebooking, as long as the new trip date is during the same travel season in the next year. If the new trip date is in a different season, the final trip price may be higher or lower depending on the new dates. Other exclusions apply.

How can I protect myself against COVID 19?

We would like to share some preventative measures that reputed international health organizations have advised in order to combat the spread of COVID-19:

During Flights:
Use wet wipes on common surfaces you will touch while flying, e.g, wipe the seat covers, tray table, armrest, headrest, in flight entertainment buttons, window shade etc
Make use of masks during your flights to and from a destination and during layovers
Minimize visits to the restroom to ensure minimum exposure from walking in the aisle, and having to touch the door handle or flush buttons 
Bring your own sanitizers and masks to use during the trip
Always drink bottled water at the airport and restaurants
Wipe the beverage tins or bottles before drinking directly from them
During the Trip:
Wash hands regularly and do not touch your face often, especially the T-zone i.e. eyes, nose and mouth
Carry hand sanitizers for use when soap and water are not available
Avoid groups of people or those who are exhibiting symptoms
Make use of hand napkins in the restroom instead of the hand driers
Drink water for hydration and to boost your immune system
Minimise hand to hand contact with others  
Avoid street food and unpacked food
Change clothes immediately after reaching the hotel or your home.

Can you help me get a COVID-19 test for my journey home?

Yes, we can assist with this. Please speak to your Travel Consultant at the time of booking or, if you have already booked, please contact your Trip Coordinator who will be able to arrange this service for you.

Your Trip Coordinator starts by getting to know when a PCR test is required for your trip: it depends on country of origin, country of destination, airlines and if you have any stopovers in another country. Rules change very rapidly, so our Trip Coordinators are on top of each country’s  rules and airline requirements to ensure we have the latest updates.

We then find reliable and professional labs in the the destinations to understand timelines and schedule tests. PCR tests are easier to coordinate in big cities, but more difficult in remote areas. We are also in touch with our partners to find the best service possible.

Coordinating PCR tests might lead to slight changes to itineraries, for example, you may need to reach a capital city 24 hours earlier than originally planned so that the test can be done. When possible, we organize the sample collection in your hotel instead of asking you to go to the hospital or lab center. We try to make your experience more convenient, but hotel testing is not always available in every country. Please be aware that while we make all arrangements for you, additional costs associated with testing are not included. 

You can travel carefree knowing that whatever the country, no matter how remote, we will organize the best available option for you to get tested on time for your flight back home.